Specialty Services

For families who are overseeing the needs of long-term pulmonary care patients, Complete Pharmacy Care offers services to give you more time to care for your child. We can deliver crucial medication to your doorstep and provide medical reports to keep in-home caregivers and health care staff up-to-date on your child's treatment.

The CPC team works with you and your physicians to help manage your child's specialized medication therapy, ensuring medications are dispensed and packaged to fit your individual needs. We understand the challenges that come when caring for your child, which is why we proactively manage patient prescription refills to make it less likely for medications to run out. Our expert team also works directly with Medicaid, Medicare, and third-party or private insurance providers to optimize prescription billing schedules. Beyond the cost of your prescriptions, all of the specialized services CPC offers are provided at little or no extra cost, including auto shipments on routine medications.

CPC is here to help you get the medication needed from a source you can trust through dependable service, insurance assistance and convenient delivery.

New Bethkis® Prescription Offering

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CPC is currently one of about a dozen pharmacy groups around Texas able to provide BETHKIS® (Tobramycin Inhalation Solution). BETHKIS is known as a new alternative to Tobi® and is on the preferred Texas Medicaid Formulary, which means no prior authorization.

Unlike larger, national specialty pharmacies, CPC provides fast, flexible and responsive customer support, making the entire medication process easier for physicians and nurses overseeing pulmonary care. We offer a more efficient prescription process by allowing physicians or their agents to send prescriptions directly to CPC.

Not only can we provide BETHKIS in a timely manner, but our pharmacy can provide all other patient medication needs so you can get everything you need at one time. Our dedicated specialty team also delivers personal service and will assist with the enrollment process – offering the sense of urgency you expect when providing medications to your patients.

For more information about BETHKIS® (Tobramycin Inhalation Solution) safety and patient benefits, visit www.BETHKIS.com