Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF/MR)

For intermediate care facilities (ICFs) who provide residential and habilitation services to individuals with IDD or related conditions, Complete Pharmacy Care is your solution for medication management. Our full-service pharmacy and unique skills can help maximize patient and consumer benefits. It also ensures direct care staff focus their time on caregiving.

For over a decade, CPC has operated using innovative processes to better manage patient profiles, streamline prescription packaging, optimize billing situations and help care facilities remain compliant with state regulations. It all starts with a seamless onboarding process where we educate ICF administrators, nurses and direct staff on how our system works. Here, we introduce RNs to FrameworkLink, an online resource tool used to help oversee patient records and coordinate prescription orders.

What makes CPC unique is that we provide more than just our prescription services, at little or no cost to you. Whether it's organizing custom bulk deliveries or our medication management program, our expert team will work with you from a business and personal approach to guarantee your facility and residents receive the very best in specialty pharmacy services.

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