Home and Community Based Services (HCS)

Complete Pharmacy Care is experienced in working with HCS program providers servicing individuals with IDD who live with their family, in a foster care setting or in a residence with no more than four people who also receive services. Our team is familiar with the type of care provided in these various settings and can assist families, caregivers and nurses with patient therapy profiles in order to maximize patient benefits.

What makes a partnership with CPC successful is our seamless onboarding process and dedicated customer service team. Our onboarding method is designed to enroll customers in an organized and efficient manner, familiarizing them with our reporting tools that are used to simplify medication management. With the enrollment process, CPC will also designate an account representative to directly assist you with questions or conflicts you may have.

It is our mission to relieve the unnecessary stresses from caregivers so they can focus on providing better care to patients. We consistently offer the best in training support for new HCS caretakers and we work directly with Medicaid, Medicare and private insurance providers to get the most out of patient benefits. In many cases, our consulting can help patients get their medication at little or no cost.

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