Who We Serve

At Complete Pharmacy Care, we serve our clients as a partner, not a vendor.

Our organization is unique in that we have the capacity to assist any size facility, yet remain flexible and responsive to client needs. Our sophisticated process allows caregivers to better manage their resources while having more time to focus on patient care. Let CPC handle the rest of the prescription management process for you.

Learn how CPC caters to its various clients. If your required service is not listed, please contact client services to see how CPC can help you.

Home and Community Based Services (HCS)

At Complete Pharmacy Care, we assist HCS caregivers to improve clinical outcomes by reducing medication errors and providing proper medication therapy management for IDD individuals. We also offer essential training and support for new caregivers transitioning into HCS homes to ensure the prescription specifications in individual therapy profiles are never overlooked.


Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF/MR)

For facilities working with IDD patients, Complete Pharmacy Care can be a crucial resource for staying on top of patient medical records and prescription profiles. Our team understands the pressures that nurses often face and can help improve clinical outcomes by reducing medication errors, providing medication therapy management and supplying billing support.


Foster Care and Texas Home Living (TxHmL)

Complete Pharmacy Care can help individuals and family members for those with IDD or related conditions manage medication profiles by recommending ways to improve patient treatment therapy. Furthermore, we assist our customers with Medicaid and Medicare Part D billing activities in order to reduce their personal expense.


Specialty Services

For families managing the needs of chronically ill patients, we understand the physical and emotional demands it takes to properly care for your loved one. Complete Pharmacy Care offers services and resources to enhance caregiving assistance to help keep in-home caregivers and health care staff abreast of your child's medication needs.