Expense Reduction

The Complete Pharmacy Care billing staff is familiar with the IDD and specialty children's care billing activities and can strategize with caregivers to maximize patient benefits. We go beyond problem solving to give our clients the advantage. We are experienced with Medicaid, Medicare Part D, third-party and private insurance providers, and can find solutions to optimize direct staff responsibilities so they can spend more time on billable care.

Resource Management

Using our dynamic resources, our account and client service representatives are trained to review patient therapy profiles and find ways to lower unnecessary expenses. They can also suggest ways to prioritize and consolidate patient medications, resulting in fewer out-of-pocket expenses for over the counter medications.

Cycle Filling

We cycle fill all routine medication based on the calendar month, which allows our team to arrange medication so that Medicaid or a related program will cover your cost as much as possible. We work with patient physicians to ensure refills and new prescriptions are filled at the appropriate and most convenient time for you. In addition, cycle filling is conducive for caretakers because it decreases the time it takes to organize and distribute medication to patients. This gives caregivers and nurses more hours to focus on billable care services that benefit patients, as well as your business' profitability.