Clinical Consulting

Medication Therapy Management

Our clinical team of experienced pharmacists are equipped to provide medication therapy management, immunizations and expert information regarding medication use. Many of our client's patients have a range of doctors. In these cases, it can be hard for caregivers to rely on communication, which may cause inaccurate prescription orders or duplications. We evaluate the whole patient therapy profile and make recommendations to health providers to streamline drug therapies and reduce errors.

Cycle Filling and Customized Packaging

Our pharmacy also delivers medication in custom packaging and can set up prearranged cycle fills to help caregivers disperse prescriptions accurately on a monthly basis. These processes are just a few tactics that CPC uses to reduce drug omission errors, and ensure medications arrive before the scheduled date of administration. We work with caregivers in order to determine the best method to use for patients.

Pharmacy Reviews for ICF

Beyond prescription management, the CPC team also offers pharmacy reviews for ICFs that are required by the state. At a small additional fee, our in-house pharmacists will review your ICF and make recommendations to prepare facilities for mandated state audits. Auditing is a serious matter and we believe ICFs should take every precaution to ensure they are audit ready and within regulation. We issue our medications in a manner outlined in all state and federal pharmacy guidelines, nursing and state regulations to make sure your facility is in compliance.

Reporting Tools

On top of these services, CPC provides reporting tools and documentation for superior medication management. These documents serve as a key communication piece to help eliminate the unexpected delay of medication. Reports include:

  • Treatment sheets
  • Physician orders
  • Medication Administration Records (MARS) with pictures of the medication, side effects and drug allergies
  • Order Issue List (OIL) is a preemptive medication report, which alerts providers to medications that may be delayed due to prior authorizations, no refills remaining, expired drug orders, manufacturing delays or an insufficient quantity remaining on a prescription.