Resource Management

We recognize how valuable a caregiver's time is and strive to make their lives easier by using our dependable resources. At CPC, we have a reporting and documentation system in place to help simplify medication management. Our reporting tools include Medication Administration Records (MARs) and a comprehensive Order Issue List (OIL), a report designed for obtaining prescription refills and new physician orders. The OIL report also assists in notifying nurses of medications on hold, expiring prescriptions and Prior Authorizations. In these situations, our clinical consulting team can work with you to receive the proper documentation from your physician to fulfill patient treatment requirements.

Our innovative technological solutions also assist with resource management.  We offer nurses access to FrameworkLink, a web portal that helps caregivers manage patient records and reports. Our team also works with Docutrack, a digital document management system that stores every order and document sent to us. The system serves as an easy document access and retrieval device – perfect for assisting our customers in auditing situations.

These tools enable our team to analyze patient profiles, preempt any issues and make recommendations to cut expenses, consolidate medications and assist with patient treatments. It helps ensure medication is always accessible and delivered on time, but most importantly, these resources allow us to be highly responsive to client needs.