In-House Pharmacy Consulting

The Complete Pharmacy Care business was built to support the needs of caregivers that surpass the typical services found at a corner pharmacy. When partnering with CPC, you automatically gain access to a team of seasoned professionals who know the ins-and-outs of the pharmacy services industry. Our in-house pharmacy consulting service covers matters concerning auditing preparation, medication therapy management, prescription expenses and continued education on CPC practices to support caregivers and ICF direct staff.

In order to improve the performance of nurses, caregivers and families working with IDD or specialty care individuals; our organization can act as your direct source for better prescription management. Many of our clients utilize our comprehensive consulting and pharmacy review services to prepare for monthly audits or to find ways to minimize personal expenses. The majority of our services come packaged with your CPC partnership, at no extra cost to you. Select items, such as our state mandated pharmacy reviews, are available at a small expense. Learn how our staff can improve your caregiving processes by contacting a client representative today.