Vision + Values

Our mission is to manage your complete pharmacy needs.

We do this through P.R.I.D.E. – personal relationships, respect, integrity, dedication and execution. These core values are rooted at the heart of our pharmacy.

Personal Relationships - From the very moment a customer partners with CPC, we assign them a designated account representative to provide solutions for any of their medication needs. By establishing a direct line of communication, time-sensitive questions and concerns can be resolved faster and more efficiently.

Respect - Whether a large facility, foster care provider, parent or CPC employee, we always treat our customers and internal team with respect. We understand the challenges that come with caring for and managing patients with IDD or related conditions. By respecting you and your time we ensure you receive quality support.

Integrity - With state regulations becoming more stringent, it is even more important that your facility or group home remains compliant and up-to-date on your patient therapy records. Our services are no exception. We use integrity throughout our business and in every relationship in order to deliver safe and secure practices that you can depend on.

Dedication - CPC is dedicated to improving the lives of caregivers, therefore improving patient treatment and outcomes. This dedication spans across all areas of our organization, from our account service team and clinical consultants to our pharmacist and billing staff. This loyalty and commitment to our clients success, helps our customers know they are receiving the best in pharmacy services.

Execution - The CPC business model utilizes innovative and accessible solutions to simplify and accelerate the medication management process. When caregivers need prescriptions quickly, CPC will go the extra mile to make sure they are delivered right to your door.